“Dr. Collur and her staff were outstanding in their care and loving service in connection with my glaucoma surgery.”

Belinda S.
July 2015

 “I am one of Dr. Surekha Collur’s patients at Bayshore Ophthalmology.  She has been my ophthalmologist for more than 5 years.  She treated my chronic dry eye problem by plugging the tear gland to reduce the excessive flow of tears.  She recommended the use of Restasis medication to lubricate the eyes and cure the disease.  She also treated my glaucoma in both of my eyes by releasing the pressure using laser surgery, a modern procedure to treat glaucoma.  The most recent and most valuable treatment I received from Bayshore Ophthalmology was the restoration of my good vision which I lost due to the development of cataracts in both eyes.  They did the procedure on one eye at a time, the left eye first and let it heal.  After 30 days, the same procedure was done on the right eye.  The procedures were successful and after 5 hours we removed the bandage, and my vision returned gradually.  Thank you Dr. Collur and  members of Bayshore Ophthalmology, LLC staff for your dedicated service to patients, especially by keeping the follow-up treatment very thorough.”

Alejandro O.
December 2014

“From routine eye exams, to allergies, blepharitis, cataract surgery and eye lift surgery, Dr. Collur was there for me.  She always took the time to explain each procedure, and was happy to answer all my questions. I have always felt that Dr. Collur is an extremely competent and knowledgeable eye surgeon and always aware of the newest procedures to improve ones sight.  The staff is friendly and efficient, and it is quite obvious that they respect Dr. Collur, and she knows how important they are to the overall success of her practice.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Margaret Q.
December 2014

“Dr. Collur’s staff is excellent and very helpful. Dr. Collur is very thorough and explains all phases of surgery which went very well. No problems! Have already given Dr. Collur’s name to several friends. Am happy with the results. Thank you!”

Karen H.
July 2014

” I was very pleased with Dr. Collur in the way she and her staff handled my eye surgery from pre-op to post op and beyond.  She helped, with clarity, my decision on all aspects from method of surgery to type of intraocular lens.  I was most impressed by all information given in print to take home which helped me remember what to do and what to expect.  The “goodie” bag given at conclusion of surgery is a nice gesture which surely is appreciated.  What amazed me most was how little time and no pain was experienced with the surgery.  I was most grateful for Dr Collur bringing a brighter sunshine back into my life.  She has my recommendation to my family and friends, due to the friendly and attentive staff at Bayshore Ophthalmology.”

Antoinette V.
March 2014

“I am taking this opportunity to state that my overall laser cataract surgery on both eyes was a very positive one and am experiencing decidedly improved vision. Dr. Collur was a reliable source of necessary pre-operative details affording me a comfort zone to undergo the surgery. Post-operative visits insured confidence in her professionalism and expertise. The staff at Bayshore Ophthalmology is always helpful and courteous. I especially applaud Amy who answered my numerous calls and questions patiently and cheerfully.”

Doris M.
May 2014

“My wife, my son and I have been long time patients of Dr. Surekha Collur. Recently, I required cataract surgery and a stent placed in my eye. My expectations were low because of ongoing additional visual problems. However, the procedure was successful, with no complications and minimal follow-up required. Most importantly my eye sight is now the best it has been in many years. I think Dr. Collur and her professional staff for their service and highly recommend them.”

Feb 2014

“I was very pleased with the improvement in my vision after my cataract surgery. I do not need glasses to read. I was amazed at the results. Dr. Collur was very professional, caring and attentive prior to, during and after my surgery. She and her office staff were pleasant, professional and caring during my office visits. I had a painless recovery.”

Kathleen D.
Dec 2013

“Dr. Collur is a dedicated & professional physician. I have been a diabetic for over 31 years and I am happy with her thoroughness in her examinations and treatment of my eyes. My cataract surgery in 2013 was successful. Her written instructions made for an easy recovery. The staff is friendly and efficient and her surgical assistant, Amy, couldn’t have been more kind and helpful.”

Elaine C.
Oct 2013

“I would like to thank you for helping me make my decision to have the Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT). I know 85% success is good. But when I asked what my success could be since you know what my eyes condition is, you thought for a minute and said 95%. I had it done. And it was 100% success. It is over a year all eye pressures are good. No more drops in the eyes at night. I tell all my friends and relatives. I recommend you to everyone.”

Clair L.
Jun 2013

“Your service was amazing on a scale of 1-10. I would give you an 11. ☺ Please continue to provide your excellent customer service at both your office and surgery center! I will tell everyone I know to come see you guys.”

Anthony T.
Feb 2014

“Accolades to Dr. Collur and her staff at Bayshore Ophthalmology for their expertise in preparing me for cataract surgery. All questions were answered and Dr. Collur made time to walk me through exactly what to expect with laser assisted cataract surgery. The day of surgery I was made comfortable and reassured that the surgery would be done as explained by Dr. Collur. Surprisingly after having the Crystalens implanted I could see clearly. In fact I could see more clearly than with glasses. Thank you. The second surgery went well and now I can see more clearly than I have had in years. I have vision from distance to be able to read a newspaper. I need reading glasses to read small print.”

Viola B.
Jan 2014

“Dr. Collur great office and bedside manner with a hand caring heart. Office staff very polite and friendly. Amy, a very encouraging and caring spirit and always follow up with a phone call. I would highly recommend Dr. Collur to all. My surgery went well and all the follow up.”

Mary T.
Jul 2013

“My experience with Dr. Collur and the staff of Bayshore Ophthalmology was stellar from start to finish. I had cataract surgery last December on my right eye, followed by my left eye in September of this year. The process was amazingly smooth, and the staff was extremely professional and courteous. Amy, the surgical coordinator, was always available for questions or concerns, and the actual surgery was incredibly pain and stress free. The nurses and staff at the surgical center went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. To tell you the truth, if all surgical procedures were this pleasant, more people would take care of their medical issues!”

Marianne A.
Sep 2013

“My experience with Dr. Collur and staff could not have been better. Everything was explained in detail about my cataract surgery – before and after. Have been going to Bayshore Ophthalmology for years and would recommend them.”

Deanna S
September 2013

“From the beginning to last visit my experience was excellent. I was treated with individual care. Amy was cheerful while being helpful. She kept me informed about what I needed to do and when. What was to happen the morning of my procedure was explained by Amy and again at the eye institute. Dr. Collur has given me a clear, beautiful new world to live in and see again. Thank you so much to everyone involved.”

Linda C
August 2013

“The staff is extraordinarily kind, caring and helpful. Dr. Collur is highly efficient, knowledgeable and was able to repair a former surgery done by another doctor. Without her qualification, I would have ended up blind. She is also very kind and helpful. I would recommend her anytime, anywhere to everybody.”

Americo A
July 2013

“I am in the process of moving my medical records over and becoming a new patient of Dr. Collur due to experiences my family has had, that I believe I should share. She is one of the best!
Dr. Collur is my grandmother’s ophthalmologist and has been for some time. My grandmother was recently diagnosed with glaucoma and another condition that required immediate attention. She was very nervous but Dr. Collur did everything she could to make her feel comfortable and the surgeries could not have gone better. Not only did Dr. Collur follow my grandmother’s recovery very closely, she also seemed like she genuinely cared, which we all appreciated very much.

Shortly thereafter, my mother began to experience some pain behind her eyes along with other symptoms. She visited several doctors, one of which was her old ophthalmologist, who could find nothing wrong. After the wonderful experience my grandmother had, my mother decided to make an appointment with Dr. Collur. Dr. Collur was the only doctor who thought “out-of-box” and was persistent until she had a diagnosis. My mother is truly grateful and cannot praise Dr. Collur enough.”

Norma W.
Jun 2013

“I went for cataract surgery in June 2013. Prior to the surgery, I went through many pre ops like putting eye drops regularly and the various eye measurements. All these things went very well under the guidance of Dr. Collur. On the day of surgery, things went very smoothly. Arriving at 7 am, I was ushered in immediately and after initial set of eye drops and local anesthesia administration the surgery was over in less than 15 minutes and I could go home at 9 am. The doctor handled everything professionally. After the surgery, my eyes were 20/20 and 20/25 – a grand improvement. I would recommend Dr. Collur to anybody.”

Parmeshvar S
Jun 2013

“I wish to state that Dr. Surekha Collur and staff provided the very best in health care during my surgery and after my surgery. I would also like to say that the doctors and entire staff were very kind and caring and were attentive to any questions I had prior to and after my surgery. I have noticed a big improvement in my vision and have had only good experiences during all my visits. I would highly recommend that anyone with vision problems to consult with Dr. Collur and her efficient staff.”

Barbara B.
Feb 2013

“I don’t remember when I first went to Bayshore Ophthalmology, but it was shortly after they opened for business in 1996. That I stayed with Dr. Collur for that length of time is clear evidence of the confidence I had in her care and in the quality of service I always received from her and her staff. When it came time for cataract surgery, of which she had been warning me for some time, there was no doubt that I would have her do the procedures, even though we had moved 70 miles away. I first put on glasses in second grade – 1949 – and have relied on them all those years, but when Dr. Collur finished with my cataract surgery, I no longer needed them. I use low-power reading glasses for close-in detailed work, but I have been freed from them otherwise.”

Gilbert M.
Jan 2013

“My recent cataract surgery was a success from every perspective. Dr. Collur, Dr. Satty, Amy and the nurses at the Eye Institute were amazingly professional yet kind. The surgery went off smoothly and the aftermath was worry free as well. I have no hesitation in recommending Bayshore Ophthalmology for any eye condition or surgery. My experience was outstanding.

Marianne A.
Dec 2012

“I am very pleased with the results of my cataract surgery recently performed by Dr. S. Collur. Prior to my surgery I wore mono vision contact lenses to correct my vision. Dr. Collur was able to provide me with the same mono vision correction so that it is not necessary that I wear glasses. I found Dr. Collur to be very professional, the surgery was completed with ease and without any problems. I feel Dr. Collur was always very considerate of my needs and concerns.”

Judith U.
Dec 2012

“I have been a patient of Dr. Collur for numerous years. Have been wearing glasses or contact lenses for over 53 years and developed cataracts in both eyes which got progressively worse. In May of 2012, I had the left cataract removed and, in June, I had the right cataract removed, and a multifocal lens was inserted in both eyes. The surgical procedures were pain free and I had no post surgical problems. My near, intermediate and distance vision is better now than when I was wearing contact lenses or glasses. Dr. Collur and the staff at the surgery center were totally professional and made me feel very comfortable.”

Emilie G.
May/June 2012

“The surgery went very well and also the after care. I am very pleased with how much better my eyes are now.”

Maureen C.
October 2012

“Dr. Collur , Amy and all the staff were great. I felt at ease. They kept me very informed about my cataract surgery both before and after. I really like the eye drop chart that was given to me after my cataract surgery.”

Ann L.
August 2012

“Getting rid of my glasses after almost 60 years of wearing them full time is truly miraculous! I still need glasses for reading but seemingly less and less so; I hope to get rid of them soon too. Dr. Collur, her office staff, and the staff at Somerset Eye Center were wonderful to deal with. Questions were addressed promptly and thoroughly. The actual surgery went very quickly with no discomfort, and there were frequent follow-up visits to monitor results. The included transportation to and from Somerset added greatly to my comfort level.”

John M.
December 2011